Hansong Technology Selects Merus Audio Amplifier for New High Efficiency Wireless Speaker Platform

Posted by Hansong on Oct 01, 2015

Hansong Technology Selects Merus Audios MA12040 Audio Amplifier...


COPENHAGEN and NANJING October 1, 2015. Hansong Technology (Nanjing, China) has selected Merus Audios MA12040 audio amplifier for its new Bluetooth wireless speaker platform. The platform is specifically optimized for minimum power consumption and longest battery lifetime. During a thorough design and component selection process, Hansongs engineering team found Merus Audios eximoTM audio amplifier technology to be the most energy efficient available.

“We are excited to offer a cutting edge platform for the booming market of wireless speakers. The high energy efficiency of Merus Audios amplifiers matches the consumers’ desire for high quality speaker products that deliver uncompromised sound performance as well as very long battery life. High energy efficiency is increasingly required in portable speakers, as well as in home theater systems, soundbars, PC gaming and pro audio products,says Helge Kristensen, Vice President of Hansong Technology. Furthermore, we see a general corporate demand for Green technology across the audio and electronics industry.

Merus Audios eximoTM technology utilizes a completely new and proprietary multi-level amplifier architecture. This provides significant benefits in audio applications, including very low power consumption, excellent audio performance and low RF interference levels (EMI). Additionally, the multi-level approach eliminates the need for the large components that are typically required to filter the output of a conventional amplifier.

We are pleased that Hansong Technology has chosen our amplifier for the new wireless speaker platform,says Hans Hasselby-Andersen, CEO of Merus Audio. Hansongs innovative design and

manufacturing capabilities are well-recognized in the industry. Their focus on high-quality solutions and green technology is an excellent match with Merus Audios technology and products.

The new wireless speaker platform is available for Hansong Technologys customers now.

About Merus Audio

Our ambition is to create audio amplifier solutions that maximize output power, audio performance and design freedom. By challenging conventional wisdom we are creating cooler, smaller, lighter and better sounding amplifiers for the benefit of all who love audio.


About Hansong Technology

Hansong Technology, a world leader in OEM/ODM audio electronics design and manufacturing of high quality audio and video products. Hansong Technology focuses its resources on: Hi-Fi products, Pro Audio products, Architectural Audio and Video and Commercial Audio. Product categories include amplification, tuners, internet radios, soundbars and subs, Airplay- Bluetooth-DLNA and other wireless speaker systems, portable radio, and AVR/processors.

Over the last 15 years Hansong Technology has established itself as a quality manufacturer with a strong commitment to its partners and green technology where possible. Headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu province China, Hansong Technology has more than 100 research and development engineers on staff.